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The Diocese of Badie (Algeria)  
Bishop David Arias, when appointed as Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark, he received the ancient Diocese of Badie as his Titular See. Badie (today Bades) was a city located in the south of present day Algeria. It was a diocese that ceased to exist when the Muslims invaded northern Africa, destroying Roman culture and wiping out Christianity. When an Auxiliary Bishop is appointed today to a Diocese, he is given as his Titular See a diocese that no longer exists in order to preserve the memory and history of the place. This is what we know of Badiem according to the information provided by the Dictionnaire d'Histoire et Geographie Eclesiastiques, VI, (col. 95-96):
Old Badie Diocese Location, Algeria

I.- BADIE (Badac, Badiae, Badias or Ad Badias) was a region and a city located in the region of Numidia, to the South of the Aures Mountains in Algeria. Today it is known as Bades and vestiges of old ruins can still be seen. It was an important military vanguard post from the second half of the 2nd century in the Roman Empire. About the middle of the 3rd century it already had a bishop. Following are the names of some of them:

- Dativus attended the Council of Carthage in the year 256 (see St. Augustine, De Baptismo VI, 22, 28; PL 43, 211).
- Pancratius Badiensis attended the Council of Carthage in 411 on Donatism. He was a Donatist.
- Potentius Badiensis was, perhaps, another Catholic bishop also present at the Council of Carthage.
- Rufinianus and Proficius, bishops "Vaudenses" attended, in 484, a Council convoked by vandal King Hunneric.
- At the beginning of the 7th century, Badie had a Byzantine bishop, if "Badese" can be identified with the Bades of Jorge de Chipre (Descriptio Orbis Romani, Ed. By Galzer, 1890, pag. 34)


II.- More information about the ancient Diocese of Badie can be found in: Toulotte (Geographie de l'Afrique Chretienne, Paris 1894, pp. 52-53); also in T. Mesnage, (L'Afrique Chretienne. Eveches et Ruines Antiques, Paris 1912, pag.253).

- Bades, located to the south of the Aures Mountains between Ad Medias and Thabudaeos, some 25 miles from Ad Medias and 23 miles from Thabudaeos.
- Tolomeus named it Badias. It was on top of a hill and on the left bank of Oued-El-Arabi River.
- Still today, (1894) there are local traditions that mention old monasteries. ????
- Leo the Wise states that Badie still had a bishop in the 9th century.
(Note: This information was obtained by Father Angel Martínez Cuesta, O.A.R., Chronist Historian of the Order of Augustinian Recollects)

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