Bishop David Arias, OAR, DD
Father David Arias had served for 14 years as a priest in the Archdiocese of New York, including 8 years as Archdiocesan Director of the Cursillo Movement and 5 years as the Director of the Hispanic Affairs Office. He had just returned from a trip to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and Colombia, where he had gone to organize the Spanish Language Institute for the following summer, when he was notified about his appointment as Bishop. On January 25, 1983 it was officially announced that Pope John Paul II had appointed Fr. David Arias, O.A.R., titular Bishop of Badie and Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey. The official document the Pope uses to appoint a bishop is called a Bull. Following you can see the Bull of appointment of Bishop Arias.
sends his best wishes and the apostolic blessing to his beloved son

  priest of the order of the recollects of st. augustine, vicar provincial, bishop elect of the titular see of badie and auxiliary to the archbishop of newark, when it is a matter of serving the benefit of the sheepfold of christ, it is proper and gratifying for us to lend assistance to shepherds tending their flocks throughout the world, as often as they are heavily laden with the burdens of their demanding ministry. Therefore, we are favorably disposed to honor the request of our venerable brother, peter gerety, archbishop of newark, who asked that an auxiliary bishop be assigned to him so that the needs of his archdiocese might be provided for more readily and with successful results. Since your gifts and talents are well known to us, beloved son, we are certain that you will fulfill this lofty office worthily, once it has been committed to you, hence without hesitation, we appoint you assistant bishop to our venerable brother, archbishop gerety, accordingly, after consulting with our venerable brothers, cardinals of the holy roman church, who are in charge of all tasks relating to the sacred congregation for bishops: by the apostolic power and authority vested in us, we appoint and create you auxiliary bishop to the archbishop of newark and confer upon you the title of the bishop of the see of badie, with this, go all the rights and privileges contained in the apostolic letter, ecclesiae sanctae, issued, on our own initiative, the 6th day of the month of August, in the year 1966. As to what pertains to your episcopal ordination, we grant you the faculties to receive it outside the diocese of rome from any catholic bishop. But, first you are to make your profession of faith before your archbishop or his appointee and take the oath of loyalty to us and our successors, then, you are to send, as soon as possible, the documents containing the profession and the oath,properly signed and sealed to the sacred congregation for bishops. Finally, beloved son, since as bishop you must serve the good of your people, it will be essential for you to follow the example of our lord jesus christ, we urge you with a fatherly benevolence to be totally dedicated to the achievement of that objective as you exercise in the archdiocese of newark the area of ministry assigned to you by your archbishop. Issued in rome at st. peter's, this 20th day of the month of January in the year of our lord 1983, the fifth year of our pontificate. and Joannes Paulus PP. II marcellus rossetti protonotary apostolic  

Joannes Paulus PP. II
  augustine cardinal casaroli secretary of state of public affairs  
  marcellus rossetti
protonotary apostolic
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